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Downgrade Pipe

Senturion Steel Supplies understands that not every project requires first grade materials. The dollar savings of surplus or mill downgrade can allow the customer to utilise a heavier section, at a cheaper rate.

Pipe sections ranging from 15NB (21.3OD) right through to some stone roller sections of up to 1220OD. Surplus and downgrade sections are subject to availability, however Senturion Steel endeavors to maintain a consistent stock holding, or are happy to accept your enquiry and investigate current availability.



Downgrade RHS

Senturion Steel Supplies is South Australia's largest stockiest of mill downgrade. Offering an extensive range of heavy wall sections suitable for livestock yards, strainer posts and a range of heavy duty applications.

We also stock a large range of light gauge black and galvanised tubing also sourced direct from Australian mills. Always stored under cover, this product offers an ideal cheaper alternative for when first grade is not a requirement.


Heavy Wall Sections

Black and Galvanised Tubing

40x40 3.0mm to 5.0mm wall 19x19 Thickness from
50x50 25x25 0.90mm to 3.0mm
65x65 30x30
75x75 4.0mm to 6.0mm wall 38x38
90x90 40x40
100x100 50x50
125x125 60x60
150x150 5.0mm to 6.0mm wall 65x65
75x50 4.0mm to 6.0mm wall 50x10
100x50 57x35
125x75 76x16
150x50 76x38
150x100 5.0mm to 6.0mm wall