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Sheep & Cattle Ramps, Cattle Crushes, Head Bale, 3-Way Draft, V-Draft, Sheep Trailers, Stock Panel  & Rural Products, Dog Enclosures, Water Troughs


Portable Collapsible Sheep Ramps

2.9 mtr Long , 450 mm Race, 1 mtr High


Flat Pack Adjustable Sheep Ramp


Ajustable Sheep Loading Ramps with Walkway (Australian made)




3-Way Draft & V-Draft








Vet Cattle Crush        



Head Bale


Adjustable Cattle Ramp (Australian made)


Mobile Adjustable Cattle Ramp


Flat Pack Cattle Ramp with Walkway


Flat Pack Adjustable Cattle Ramp







Galv Stock Panels

Painted also available while stocks last!!!

Great in Yards & Stock Crates

6.1 mtr Lengths

7" Wide x 1 mm Double Rolled Edge

7" Wide x 1.5 mm Single Rolled Edge

7" Wide x 1.5 mm Double Rolled Edge

9" Wide x 1.5 mm Single Rolled Edge

9" Wide x 1.5 mm Double Rolled Edge

Hay Bale Feeder




Water Troughs , Sheep & Cattle

4 mtr Sheep Water Trough, complete with Lid & Brass Bung                              

Approx 650 Litre Capacity , 300 mm accross Bottom,

500 mm across Top,  400 mm Deep                                                            











Cattle Trough's (Australian Made) Hot Galvanised

760 mm Half Round , 6 mtr Long, with Brass Bung

(made to order, speak with Chris)



5.8 Mtr Water Cattle Trough, Complete with Lid & Brass Bung,

approx 2150 Litre Capacity , 570 mm across the Bottom

940 mm accross the Top, 500 mm Deep


New Double Door Flat Pack     (flat pack)                                          

3800 Long x 2400 Wide, 1800 mm High                            











New Raised Dog Kennel 3.8 mtr L  x 1.95 mtr W x 1.65 mtr H (flat pack)










Dog Enclosure 3 mtr x 3 mtr  with access door (flat pack)


Sheep Trailers (Flat Pack) (holds 28 Sheep Panels & @ Blind Sheep Panels